What if I have a moving violation vs a parking ticket?

Standard Services includes searches for attorneys (a) in your area of the country that (b) are experienced in applicable laws (c) where possible have knowledge of that particular court (d) are fluent in your language. 

You are not obligated to use the attorney for which a free consultation has been organized to review your case.  And, of course, if you like, we will organize a free consultation with another firm for you to speak with – so you can consider alternative legal representation.  parkingticket.com is not a law firm and cannot dispense legal advice. 

Is parkingticket.com Attorneys At Law?

parkingticket is not a law firm and cannot provide legal assistance or dispense legal advice.   parkingticket.com regularly connects leading traffic ticket firms and attorneys with clients who need their services.

In certain municipalities, like the City of New York, the District of Columbia, Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles, parkingticket.com provides you with a published dismissal request letter that is created under your name, for you to review; and if the facts stated in the letter are correctly stated to file it timely, requesting a dismissal.   And, in the above named cities, these cities have created a standard, website contesting service online as well as a hearing-by-mail procedure, where you simply mail in your paperwork according to our instructions for this administrative filing. 

NYC, which issues more tickets than all the other cities, allows you to upload the dismissal request letter we provide and upload things like muni meter receipts and parking sign photographs, to prove you parked legally.   NYC also has a special division to hear cases for commercial fleets and we appear in this court five days a week for these commercial companies who receive more than 50,000 tickets per year.    This division is known officially as the parking ticket broker division.  We are proud to assist many well-known companies including NYC TV NEWS Stations who cover breaking news, multiple companies who perform essential services such as plumbing work, heating and hot water services, electrical contracting and emergency elevator service.  We also provide driver training and cost reduction services to many large fleets, including many of NYC area’s largest distributors of fine foods and beverages.

Certain municipalities may treat parking ticket fines as criminal charges where bench warrants can be issued for non-satisfaction of a citation. As made famous in Will Smith’s portrayal of a young stockbroker in the movie titled The Pursuit of Happiness, one scene presented the old way Los Angeles handled parking violator scofflaws; they arrested them for  non-payment. Today, the state of California has ceased this level of parking ticket enforcement and, like New York City, and New York state, and the biggest cities and states have decriminalized it.  However, there are some who have not.   In these locales, where parking ticket violations are not yet decriminalized, parkingticket.com recommends that you absolutely obtain legal counsel.

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